Change Control to Major Tom (Deloitte)

Band History

With more line-up changes than The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and the Sugababes put together the Strawberry Blues welcomes Tiffany in to the fold to ratchet up our band to beyond 11. 

We bring youthful sprightliness and over confidence in equal measure they are sure to get the crowd rockin' and a rollin'. In the words of Bachman Turner Overdrive - 'You ain't seen nothing yet'!

Band Members

Chris Moore - Guitar / Vox

Growing up on the mean streets of Surrey, Chris was brought up on a staple diet of Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore and The Eagles. Not one to have enough guitars, his collection has grown in to double figures. He can't play more than one at a time though, but is working on it.


Judy Ngan - Piano / Vox

Judy is undoubtedly the most qualified person in the band. Put anything in front of her and she will be able to play it, from rock to Baroque and everything in between. With a penchant for Coldplay she also likes to rock out to a bit of 'Summer of '69'!


Dan Kelly - Bass / Vox

Raised in the back of a Grand Piano and fed on shreds of manuscript, Daniel's musical progress is testament to how far you can go if you massively oversell your talents. Having mastered every instrument in the universe, Daniel finds himself constantly reverting back to the complex yet delicate sonic vehicle that is the kazoo. His past-times include being kicked out  of bands for  being too sexy, and composing music which,he ensured only he will enjoy.


Tiffany Jones - Vox

Aside from making a mean breakfast, Tiffany awakens not only the hills, but the whole of Austria with the sound of her voice. It's said she began to sing long before she could talk, and as our resident musical theatre geek, you'll be sure to find her hanging out with Mr Mistoffelees down at the Ozdust Ballroom. Making her Construction Rocks debut, Tiffany's not throwing away her shot and hopes to razzle dazzle you, as her smile and your fantasies play a duet that will make you think that life is a cabaret old chum!


Ash Nicholls - Drums

Sitting at the back but very much the lead. The driving force behind our wall of sound. Keeping time and never being late the change to BST did not faze him. Metronomically accurate and with Swiss precision this man's 4/4 can floor you.