Arup Against The Machine - Ove Arup & Partners

Band History

We have no history, only future, and it ain't looking pretty.

Band Members

Gordon Clannachan - Vocals

Hailing from the streets of Glasgow, he reared his vocal skills in the City Centre's finest Karaoke bars and through conjuring-up sing-alongs in post-nightclub taxi queues. With a real passion for singing in the shower, his dreams of the big stage are about to become a reality as he makes his debut at Construction Rocks. In the band by default because nobody auditioned to be the singer. Gigs performed? None. Previous bands? Yes, if Guitar Hero counts. Out of his depth? We'll soon find out...


Ed Shearer - Guitar

Will the real Ed Shearer please stand up. He can't sing and he don't know no pop songs, but he IS the original guitar-slinging ginger-nut. Born and raised dangerously close to Essex, he made a name for himself playing gypsy surf guitar that absolutely no one wants to hear. Pay him enough...and he'll leave quietly.


Mike Edwards - Guitar

No one knows where Mike came from. He wandered out of Regents Park last December carrying a guitar wrapped in MEP drawings. The drawings were quite good so we gave him a job. And a guitar case. Wherever he came from, he managed to pick up a bit of guitar. Feral by nature, he's secured a place in the band and is out to make wild noises.


Rory O'Malley - Guitar

Rory plays on of the many rhythm guitars in the band. Despite promising beginnings in his teens, there appears to have been a proportional relationship between Rory's musical career success and his hairline. Never one to let ability get in the way, his devotion to only knowing power chords is admirable.


Fabio Puglia - Bass

Bringing Latin flair to the group, this Italian Maverick was inspired to take up the bass while listening to Marilyn Manson as a youngster. You're more likely to find this Hackeny hipster busking on Oxford Street then you are at Arup doing BIM stuff.


Richard Lagesse - Drums

Richard grew up in the rolling green pastures of ...*aham* Milton Keynes* say it quietly*...where he crafted his trade as a punk rock / heavy metal drummer with influences like Metallica, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and the Foo Fighters. As his musical palate matured and he found 'proper' music like blues and rock & roll - The Who, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Muddy Waters - people started to take him seriously. Being a (failed) musician and a (failing) geologist, Richard's love of rock is absolute.