The BIM Zombies - Canary Wharf Contractors

Band History

The BIM Zombies previously known as Canary Wolf, played at previous battle of the bands as well as on worldwide TV protesting in favour of the Credit Crunch back in 2007.

The BIM Zombies are playing protest songs, against the main evil in today's society - BIM. Formed of an MEP managers, a BIM manager, a building surveyor and an IT manager, we would like to see a return to 2D CAD if not  to  the  drawing board.


Band Members

Veggie Zombie - Grunts and Snarls

Works as a BIM manager for Canary wharf. Has been vociferously AntiBIM since it turned him into a zombie in 2010. Joint song writer with Nut Zombie of all protest songs and has recently set up the AntiBIM facebook page. Currently plotting an anti BIM march on the CIBSE headquarters in Balham and then the the plans to take on the plans to take on the RIBA.

Two DEE - Bones and Bass

Spends most of his time avoiding BIM and any software based products. Will do anything for fresh meat.

Tone Deaf Zombie - Guitar and Grunts

Hates BIM to a point that others find a bit frightening while actually not being entirely sure what BIM is. Knows 4 chords on the  guitar (G,C,D  and A) and has been working hard on learning another one ...................... possibly an Em7 as it's a fairly easy one apparently.

Third Culture Zombie - Traps

Formerly a moderately talented guitarist, since being turned during the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony is now unable to play anything other than percussion. Doesn't know what BIM is, doesn't care. BIM is DEAD, But Rock n' Roll LIVES.

Telvis - Guitar

The undead Elvis of the underworld doesn't play live often - but for the Zombies - Ladies and Gentlemen - TELVIS!! ! Yeaaaaah !