Forge Lane - Wardell Armstrong LLP

Band History

The band formed on 12 January 2017 and is wholly made up of staff from Wardell Armstrong. All the band members have played live in separate bands in the last 12 months but this will be their first public performance together.

Band Members

Sue Roberts - Lead Singer

I am a PA at Wardell Armstrong. I enjoy singing and sang at my first gig around 6 months ago. Growing up listening to the favourite music of my parents was the soundtrack of my childhood. My musical influences may have changed, but singing is still a part of our family life.


Ann Presley - Drums

I am a Senior Civil Engineer at Wardell Armstrong specialising in Highway design. I am originally from Houston, Texas. I love playing the is a good stress reliever if nothing else. Although, I have always had a musical interest as you can see by my surname I am a "Presley" after must be in my DNA!


Keith Mitchell - Guitar

I am a Managing Director at Wardell Armstrong. I started playing guitar in my early teens and played in school concerts and in a variety of bands as a student in my 20s. Since then I have kept my hand in and played the odd gig. I'm looking forward to this.


Adam Burnham - Guitar

I am a Technical Director at Wardell Armstrong in Civil Engineering. Starting from an early age under the influence of Black Sabbath, Queen, Rainbow, ACDC, Saxon, Metallica and numerous others my musical career started in poorly lit student unions playing to baying crowds in the mid-1980s.

Then throughout the 1990s thrashing in various bands in my home town of Stoke on Trent performing at legendary venues such as the Wheatsheaf, The Sugarmill, The Rigger, the Highwayman and hundreds of others, then also influenced by greats such as Nirvana, Green Day, The Cult, The Stranglers but also including many self-penned tracks of usually questionable quality.

Nowadays, the bands on my ipod have altered little from those earlier times and the urge to turn my amp up to 11 never seems to fade.


Andrew Durber - Bass Guitar

I am a Principal Engineer at Wardell Armstrong in Civil Engineering. I started my musical career at the age of 10 learning trombone and piano. Main instrument is bass trombone and I regularly play in various groups, particularly brass bands. I took up bass guitar in college but, other then playing in a pit-orchestra for a few musical productions at University, I have never really performed with it in public...until now!‚Äč