No Picnic Without Sandwiches (WSP)

Band History

One of the many great bands never to have won Construction Rocks.  Will we try 
something different this year, maybe add even more band members!? Or keep plugging away with the same awesome rock style we have been banging out year after year?

Band Members

Graham Pocock - Guitar

Guitarist and part time backing vocalist. Favorite band right now – Royal Blood


Russell Tims - Vocals

That’s right… at least one of the Tims is gracing Construction Rocks 2018 once again!!  This guy gets better every year and who knows what his fame will be in 2050!!


Shami Smith-Sandhu - Drums

can feel it coooooming in the aaaaiiiiirrrrr tonight…  oooh lord…
Drum……..drum, drum, drum, 

Rob Wiesner - Keyboard

Previously named the super-pianist… can his skills be transferred to a keytar… 2018 is a brave new world and anything is possible. 


Sam Bennett - Bass

The one and only roaming bass man himself…. It’s only a matter of time until he makes it to the balconies of Scala for a 15 minute bass solo……. 

Jonathan Essam - Trombone

This plastic Trombone sensation is ready for anything…. Except a warm radiator… 

Steve Denniss - Trumpet

Put some notes in front of the jazz man and be prepared to be blown away. 

Karina Swan - Saxophone

Get ready for spine tingling half hour extended sax solo….