Public M&E (Max Fordham LLP)

Band History

Public M&E need no introduction.  Now in their seventh year, they’re made up of a rotating cast of Max Fordham employees.  Their signature blend of pop, soul, and disco covers will keep crowds cutting shapes on the floor until the wee hours.  PME are a like-minded collective of ex-music professionals and enthusiasts who have converged onto the services engineering scene to reduce energy consumption in buildings using the power of music.  Public M&E have turned heads with their captivating vocal hooks, tightly coiled rhythm section grooves, a formidable brass powerhouse, and the sheer number of band members they seem to fit on a stage at one time.  Making waves last year by winning Best Band on night one of Construction Rocks, Public M&E are excited to return and are feeling the heat to go bigger than ever. 

Band Members

Ben Allwood - Trumpet

You might not have known it is possible to tune a heating system to B flat? But Ben has mastered the art and now commissions his systems by playing flight of the bumble bee....

John Bone - Trumpet

Two trumpet players? Absolutely! Make no Bones about it, John will blow you away with his smooth sounds. Tied with Ben for having the strongest lips in the band.

Stewart Burns - Guitar

Drafted in to replace a former member of the same name to satisfy the strict requirement that the guitarist is called Stew. Famous for his 'eyes fixed firmly on the frets' style of playing, Stew knows all the notes - A through G.

Katie Clemence - Vocals

Katie has been ready for the showbiz life ever since winning a talent contest by whistling 'Hall of the Mountain King' aged 8. There's no need  to check your pipe sizing calculations, because this girl's got a great set of pipes.

Lidia 'player' Guerra - Vocals

Funky has been flowing in her veins since before she could even say “Revit”. Moving from rolling pasta to rock’n’roll, from the stages of Italian weddings to London, she’s obtained her popularity overseas thanks to her voice, but mostly thanks to her doubtful pronunciation.

Ed Green - Drums

Hangs around with musicians, etc.

Vincent Hurley - Viola / Vocals

Having a classical musical background, Vincent revels in breaking out with some electric string playing and grooving harmony lines. Put a mic in front of him and he won’t hold back singing some classics.


Carlotta Mirri - Vocals

Don’t be fooled by her size, folks.  Carlotta can hit the high notes!  Deemed the ‘black widow’ of the choir circuit, she rounds out the harmonies and completes PMEs vocal quartet.

Adam Reeve - Bongos / Congas

He generally hits anything that makes a noise but best spotted when surrounded by latin or African percussion!

Fay Walsh - Bass

Fay has been playing bass for a full 5 minutes, and is fairly confident that she’ll have nailed some of the notes in time for the gig.  Her bass is a red one, with buttons and a cable which plugs in somewhere.


Anna Foden - Vocals

Honed her singing skills in year 1 choir class and the karaoke joints of Washington, DC, but mostly by singing at her dogs. Loves hearing British people say the word 'boogie'.

Tom Greenhill - Soprano Saxophone

Tom was bullied into stepping into the vacant sax spot after the departure of our former sax player when we found out he used to play (over a decade ago). He's sounding better than ever and we're glad to have him. Watch out, Kenny G, you have some competition!  Watch this space.

TBC - Keyboard

We're currently scouring our practice for a keyboard player. watch this space.