The Chimneys (Battersea Power Station Development)

Band History

Headlined/went last CR 2017 and refused to play at the work Summer Party because they were too embarrassed/ing

Band Members

Alton Hassan - Vox 

A decent voice but did feature in a local resident’s complaint video after a slursinging karaoke performance at our recent Summer Party. (he said sorry)

Scott Grant - Loud guitar

Loves Duran Duran and has been working on some moves in rehearsal (with the volume up) 

Iain Miller - Scottish Lead Guitar

Spends most of his time air drumming in rehearsal and full name checking the drummer. 

Carla Cummings - Bass

Not really seen her since the last gig… works pretty much 24 hours a day, but she accepted the CR date in her diary so have fingers crossed.

Mike Varney - Drums

Just became a Grandad. Has been busy building bridges with his neighbours by egg boxing his drumming garage, unfortunately that did mean the car had to live on the drive. Unfortunately the car got stolen. 

Dan Wells - Guitar

At this stage of rehearsal is playing Tambourine on one song.

Doug McWhinney - Morris Dancer

Will Morris Dance on stage with us if we can raise £2000​


Richard Benson - Funk Master