The Strawberry Blues - Deloitte

Band History

With more line-up changes than The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and the Sugababes put together the Strawberry Blues remain as strong and rocking as ever. Bringing youthful sprightliness and over confidence in equal measure they are sure to get the crowd a rockin', a rollin' and a moshin'!

Band Members

Chris Moore - Lead Guitar / Vocals

Growing up on the rough streets of Surrey, Chris was brought up on a staple diet of Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore and The Eagles. Not one to have enough guitars, his collection has grown in to double figures. He can't play more then one at a time though, but is working on it. having failed to understand why the lead singer gets all the attention he has decided to try it out for himself.


Judy Ngan - Piano / Vocals

Judy is undoubtedly the most qualified person in the band. Put anything in front of her and she will be able to play it, from rock to Baroque and everything in between. With a penchant for Coldplay she also like to rock out to a bit of 'Summer of '69'!


Dan Kelly - Bass / Vocals

Raised in the back for a grand piano and fed on shreds on manuscript, Daniel's musical progress is testament to how far you can go if you massively oversell your talents. Having mastered every instrument in the universe, Daniel finds himself constantly reverting back to the complex yet delicate sonic vehicle that is the kazoo. His past-times include being kicked out of bands for being too sexy, and composing music which he ensured only he will enjoy.


Dan Gardner - Drums

Lancastrian Dan started drumming at the tender age of 15 (in 1995) in his parents garage and quickly upset the neighbours on his terraced street. He honed his skills at high school and college and gigged throughout the dingy venues of London, Liverpool and Manchester. Having recorded many EPs in self hired studios (blokes garage home studios) and being hailed as 'the best live drummer I have ever seen' by BBC Lancashire producer and presenter Guy Shahar, Dan and his now three piece instrumental prog math rock band 'Clogg-Clagg-Clegg' all moved to London and lived together like the Monkees. In 2006, finding themselves unsigned and unemployed, the band went their separate ways. Dan now plays the folk circuit as a duo with singer songwriter Jason Garth Steel. He still gets to rock out playing at friends weddings with 'The Wedding Band Boys' and construction industry charity gigs. He dreams of retiring early and joining a Led Zepplin/Black Sabbath tribute band.


Luke Colwill - Guitarist / Vocals

Luke is 'retired' solo acoustic musician who is dusting off the guitar and making a return to the stage for Construction Rocks 2017! After playing many years on the open mic and cocktail bar scene, he is looking forward to a change of atmosphere, playing in a band and delivering classic tunes, either that, or a free pint ...