Zero Charm - Kier

Band History

Formed in 2009, the band has gone through the usual range of artistic differences but emerged stronger then ever! Maintaining a diverse set list, and playing anything from Nina Simone to Black Veil Brides, the reigning Construction Rocks champions are on a high and hungry for more success following the release of their latest album, "Zero Charm at the Kore". One thing is for sure...these misfits will take the music to a very different dimension!

Band Members

Daniella Sydenham-Reed - Vocals

With a big personality, big hair and even bigger voice, Daniella has discovered her inner rock chick. You simply have to see this lady perform...seriously you have to!


Jerry Pett - Guitar

Versatile, accomplished guitar maestro , also known as the Sheep (don't ask). Sometimes worries he's not loud enough - bless, one day we'll tell him his amp is switched off!


Dave Godden - Bass

An experienced, talented all rounder, accomplished on keyboards and guitar as well as a prolific song writer and producer (I think that's what he told us to say), but this time he's on bass. As old age creeps in he is finding 4 strings easier to cope with then 6 so should be ok on the night so long as we can keep him away from the bar long enough before the set starts!


Baz Perrin - Drums & concussion

Known as the Professor. Following the success of his previous band's Devon & Hell Tour, our drummer was the inspiration behind Zero Charm. Don't be fooled by the site of the drum kit - EVERY last piece is played with his trademark metronomic, hypnotic and rhythmic tone that is recognisable to those within earshot (about a square mile)! Such a brutal attack on the ear drums has rarely been accomplished with such style and panache!


Sean "Sumo" McLaughlin - Keyboards

Who can remember the stylophone? Sean Can! That is when he found his first love - lift music! Nothing makes him happier then tinkling the ivories and making the band scream - "stop playing lift music!!" and what can we say about his voice - nothing complimentary, he can clear a room at 100 warned!‚Äč