AC\DPC (Hawkins\Brown Architects)

Band History

Formed in the summer of 2018, members of AC/DPC came together from across all studios and sectors within Hawkins\Brown, in a joint passion for playing music together.
It was clear from the start that members had a very diverse and eclectic taste in music.
The band is well known for their love of ‘mash-ups’: blending numerous songs together to produce epic medleys! 

Band Members

Paul "The Optimist" Westwell - Guitar / Piano

Having taken classical piano lessons from the age of 6, music has always been a passion for Paul. He started his first band at school aged 12 and has continued to perform indie-rock covers at pubs, weddings and birthdays ever since.

As the founding member of AC\DPC he loves nothing more than a camp fire sing-a-long with the guitar, or blasting out Don’t Stop Believing on the piano in a packed pub!


Ross "The Pessimist" Chinn - Axe Wizard / Vox Slayer

Ross sings at 300 hoarsepower. Although he grew up listening to a wide variety of musical styles, he has only managed to distil all that influence into playing 4 standard chords and a capo. Don’t even bother asking him to use his pinkie. 


Jonnie "The Pied" Piper - Drums / Guitar

Jonnie is a drummer, percussionist and guitarist. He has been involved in playing music for around 13 years, with most experience in percussion instruments.

His first band began in his teenage years as a collection of school friends getting together to try and put some notes together. He later played in brass, wind and orchestral groups and travelled around Europe playing music. More recently, he was part of a trio acoustic rap group.


Anthony "Bass Tacks" Lazarus - Trumpet / Piano

He honed the art of the piano and trumpet from a young age on the streets of Compton. Although he has not played much in recent years, for light gang related reasons, he performed an epic rendition of Silent Night during the 2017 Christmas Eve Carol service for the Peckleton Orchestra.


Bella Longman - Vox

Bella comes from an all singing, all dancing family of classical musicians, and from an early age honed her vocals in the school, county, and church choirs. In an act of profound rebellion, she gave all this up to join a nu-metal cover band at the age of 16. Following several years of intense musical therapy, she has now happily recovered, and now enjoys singing in a variety of styles less damaging to her vocal chords. 


Mikel Azcona - Bass / Sequencer

Don’t mess with the bass player. Son of a digger and a wrecking ball, Mikel was conceived in a construction site and born in a concrete mixer. He learned all he knows about music and tone through destroying walls of different thicknesses with a mallet, and his bass uses chains instead of strings. He has previously published 4 albums and 2EPs with several demolition crews and has toured construction sites all around the globe.


Betty Owoo - Cello / Piano / Vox

Betty started her musical career aged eight when she picked up a cello for the first time and discovered she had a knack for music. Piano lessons soon followed, as well as long stints in various orchestras and choirs. A classically trained musician, she really came into her own and loosened up when she joined her church band aged twelve, performing to a rapt congregation most Sundays. Starting off on keys, she eventually graduated to leading the band on the piano. It was during this time that she also taught herself to play drums.

These days Betty mostly plays for fun and helps friends with their musical projects. She most recently sang backing vox at a friend’s single and EP launch.