Canary Wolf (Canary Wharf Contractors)

Band History

Following the death of the BIM ZOMBIES - Canary Wolf are reforming to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the issue of the bands seminal album THE UNDISPUTED KING OF DOWN THE ROAD. 

Can’t play anyone else’s songs –  so are back to perform songs from the album 

Band Members

Harvey Canary - Vox

Favourite Canary Wolf lyric:- From Undisputed King:-

I got a 6’ by 3’ snooker table – don’t quite fit in the front room

I use a pile of 2ps to make it stable and a standard light to lift the gloom

Gonna buy me a record player – play some sxxt hot LPs

Crank ‘em up load leave the neighbours in no doubt I am the undisputed king of down the road


Telvis - Guitars

Favourite Canary Wolf lyric:- From Road Rage:-

Marc Bolan expired in a mini, banging his gong along Gypsy Lane

Eddie Cochran took his 3 steps to heaven in a Ford Councel 195

Do – wup wup do


Grey Wolf - Guitar

Favourite Canary Wolf Lyric:- from F Planets:-

She had an attic she refused to lag

She even had a draw full of plastic bags

She thought global warming was a gag

She was a polutions sl….


Al and Ben and Rob - Drums / Guitars

Favourite Canary Wolf Lyric:- From Long War Home:-

I am stuck inbetween, the thunderbugs and the glow worms are attempting to intervene, are coming to terms,A circumference of dogs are barking, look out this town is burning, look out this town is burning. A summer haze of flickering distant lights – who can put out the fire? Burn this blessed town. Down – It’s gonna be a Long war – a long war home.