Force Majeure (MACE, Elliot Wood and Stanhope)

Band History

A band that began on Construction Rocks in 2014 (a Vintage year we think…)
Over the last 5 years, the band has developed from: -
“The Macenaries” in 2014 (Legends!), to
“Stan Hope and the Macefits” in 2015, and then
The “White City Vultures” in 2016 and 2017, 
For 2018, the big defining change to the band is…. We’ve changed the name again! 
Still the same blokes. Still the same sound (but this year we are endeavouring to jam even more notes into the set than we managed last year!)
Over the years, the band members have been whittled down to those who are dedicated to a quick 20-minutes in the rehearsal room, followed by a couple of hours down the pub. Here we discuss the songs that we could play, and how great they would sound if we ever got round to learning them.

Band Members

Steve Bird – Vocals

Wanted the band to be called “The Fantastic Steve Bird Experience”, but was told that we might be sued for misrepresentation.


Alex Rothman - Guitar

Plays guitar. Sometimes quickly, sometimes loudly, but usually both at once and with “Attitude” set to 11


Adrian Rodgers – Guitar

Plays guitar. Not as quickly as Alex, but likes to compensate with more volume.


Oli Boyd – Bass guitar

A steadying influence in the band – other band members lean on him when leaving the bar.


Gary Taylor – Drums

“Smashes it out” like a cross between Dave Grohl, John Bonham, and Ringo Star on speed