Margaret Street Preachers - Savills

Band History

The Margaret Street Preachers thought they'd got away with it - cobble some "muzak" together, play a couple of charity events, enjoy the moment, get back to the day job - but then along came Construction Rocks 2016. Defying all logic and sane reason, the judges awarded them the accolade of "Best New Band" and with it the unrelenting hype of being true rock gods and goddesses to the small handful of sad colleagues who had nothing better to do on a cold October evening last year. So what are they to do? Should they attempt to recreate past glories or simply fade slowly into oblivion?

Band Members

David Eastgate - Drums

After Dave's last attempt at writing a witty biog was vetoed by the corporate thought police, he realized that he was in fact Winston Smith and had been born into George Orwell's 1984 without ever realizing it. He will no longer attempt to be funny or rebellious in any way, shape or form and will instead toe the party line as dictated by the powers that be.

Gareth Turner - Guitar

Gareth hails from Norfolk where Bernard Matthews grew him in a lab from a slice of Mark King's thumb - a bizarre experiment known as "The Search for Jive Turkey". Force-fed groove from an early age, Gareth's liver is now a rich Bass Pate and he has been hunted by Heston Blumenthal for over 30 years as a source of unusual offal. Gareth has a phobia of creepy looking bald guys.

Nick Vaughan - Guitar

Hailing from the Midlands and one of the few remaining Aston Villa fans in existence Nick's accent meant he wasn't fully understood for the first twenty years of his life and so turned to music as his only form of communication. After a failed career as Torn Cruise' s stunt double (it was the height, not the looks that were the problem) and several thousand pounds worth of elocution lessons later he took up a career in the property industry whilst moonlighting as part of the Savills band.

Ollie Mellotte - Guitar / Vocals

After a New Orleans Jazz upbringing, Ollie found himself perfecting his vocals down a Yorkshire mine in place of a canary. Leeds University was next on the bill when he started his pop music obsession in the form of a degree. Since then he has been passing his time writing songs for no one else to hear.

Georgie Barlett - Sax & keyboard

Georgina has been  a lifelong firearms enthusiast and recently had her prize possession - Dirty Harry's original 44 Magnum - melted down and made into the most powerful Sax in the world. Sometimes in all the excitement she can't remember whether we asked her for 6 solos or 5. So ask yourself, do you feel lucky? Well do ya punk?