The Margaret Street Preachers (Savills)

Band History

This rag-tag band of hapless reprobates was thrown together in early 2016 for an impromptu performance at Grosvenor's Got Talent. Having lost out to the inspired antics of Dangerous Dave and Risky Russell, and in a fit of hopeless musical self­elusion, they decided to carry on with their tuneless, out of time efforts as none of them are getting any younger. They hope their "music" may have some future use as therapy for the hard of hearing.

Band Members

David Eastgate - Drummer

Dave likes making noise. A lot of noise. Dave has a drum kit. Bang! Goes the drum. Crash! Goes the cymbal. Dave is happy when he can make as much noise as possible.


Gareth Turner - Guitar

Gareth hates everything.  Really, EVERYTHING.  If you’re still reading this he probably hates you.  He likes difficult Rock Music.  And Dirty Bass lines.


Nick Vaughan - Guitar

Nick Vaughan IS Rock and Roll. As proven by his membership of tribute bands to Queen, The Monkeys, Swing Out Sister, EMF and (because they’re the worst band in history) Coldplay


Oliver Mellotte - Vox

Ollie started his musical journey in New Orleans, playing behind a carnival float singing songs of a different era.  He learnt his popular and world music trade by singing to a canary in the depths of a Leeds mine.


Georgi Bartlett - Saxophone

Georgi has recently been granted full custody of the shiniest and loudest horn, as a prize for travelling to the centre of the earth to fully understand the reason for the existence of jazz. She now campaigns for the wellbeing of musicians trapped in lives of modal improvisation and walking double bass solos.