The Strawberry Blues - Deloitte

Band History

The band was formed in the year 2015, after a constructive conversation with a rival band, resulting in a high level of hubris as to our chances. Made up of Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors we will be in time and under budget. 

Band Members

Chris Moore - Electric Guitar / Vocals

The axe masters who will never have a big enough pedal board. Always at home on stage absorbing the limelight even if it is directed at the singer.

Paul Jones - Drummer

Not the bloke on Radio 2 Monday 7-8pm but the foundation of the band providing a steady beat. Just don’t ask him to play Reggae. 

Judy Ngan - Piano vocals

Tinkling the Ivories, Judy in the most competent in the band, confusing the rest of us with talk of time signatures, crotchets and semi-breves. 

Murray Johnstone - Bass / Vocals

Hailing from the highlands but providing the bottom end. He makes musical what the drummer tries to hit. Just don’t ask him to play the bag pipes.