Zed Hot Chili Peppers (Zaha Hadid Architects)

Band History

It began almost as a joke, a few people with just an idea, a guitar, a bass and an iphone - it was only later that we found a real drummer and, most importantly, a voice. After our successful debut concert at ZHA’s  first summer party, our performance has now established itself as a tradition. Boosted by the support of our wonderful audience, we now feel ready to face the challenge of entertaining a larger crowd!

We all come from different musical experiences and tastes, but our common connection lies in the love for rock and crossover. Our inspiration and main artistic reference comes from – you guessed it! - the Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose style also challenges rock music’s standard arrangements and original compositions.

Band Members

Drew Merkle - Voice

Drew is an American who hails from L.A. (Lower Alabama), AKA the Florida Panhandle. He has long had an affinity for good ole fashioned Rock’n’Roll. So, of course it makes sense, he jumped at the opportunity to rock out with the dudes, when fate presented itself, one evening during an offhand conversation in the office.

Filippo Innocenti - Guitar

Distracted for much of his life by minor commitments such as studying and working, he finally found the motivation to revisit Hendrix. Paternity forced him to find new and more responsible approaches to practising, but at the first funky hint he would still slip into a rendition of The Chic.


Maurizio Meossi - Bass

Maurizio started playing bass in his late teens, but when the time to decide whether to become a musician or an architect, he chose the latter. 
Probably the wisest decision of his whole life.
Time has passed and now he defines himself like a good red wine: improving with age. 


Damiano Rizzini - Drums

Then a long-haired architectural student, Damiano formed as a drummer in the Milanese Rock & Metal scene of the 90’s. 
He then entered the London scene – after shortening his hair – to perform in some dodgy pubs south of the river.
Recently crossing the river to Farringdon and Kings Cross to expand his repertoire and entertain you all tonight!