Sponsorship Opportunities

All sponsors’ logos to be displayed on the Construction Rocks 2018 website with a link to the sponsors’ own websites and, where possible, on the sponsored item as described below. All sponsors will be mentioned in dispatches by the MC during the night.

Item Description Price
Headline Sponsor The above but with highest billing on all posters and documents. 


Venue Sponsor

Logo on website, posters etc. Second highest billing. 



Fan, staff and band wristbands to carry Construction Rocks and sponsor's logo. Logo on websites, posters etc.  


Stage Sponsor

Logo / A1 boards on stage backdrop  


Bar Sponsor

Sponsor's logo to be printed on all price lists and on a banner to be displayed behind the bar.

Crew T-Shirts

T-shirts to be worn by all staff working this event with sponsor logo on the back.