aap mondays




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Band History

Unequivocally Northern, aap mondays hail from Manchester and make no bones about it. A six piece with the experience and musical pedigree to strike that perfect balance of rock and soul to fill hearts and minds with an unshakable groove that will leave crowds screaming for more.....

The band was formed in early 2019 and is made up of from the AA Projects team including the Managing Director on bass. This will be the band's first Construction Rocks competition but not their last.

Band Members

Stephen Abbott | Guitar

Stephen has been consistently gigging in bands for 15 years around Yorkshlre and the North-West of England. He has been writing and performing his own material since the day he first picked up a guitar as well as performing much loved covers. Influences include the Madchester scene, Britpop, Noughties guitar bands, Bowie, the Beatles, QOTSA, Rage against the Machine, 90’s hip hop and 60’s soul.

Sarah Butler | Vocals

Sarah was brought up on music - anything and everything. Chicane for breakfast, New Order for dinner and Pink Floyd for tea! This has resulted in a very eclectic music taste and anything goes. Sarah’s love for music continued into school and college where at one time she was in 4 choirs and 1 of them competed nationally in full “Glee” style. At 14 she won a competition to record her favourite songs in a local recording studio with some other people from school and unfortunately she was going through a Westlife phase at the time….. Since college, studies and work took over and Sarah hasn’t performed in front of anyone in a very long time (barring her husband and cat), so please be nice!

Anne-Louise | Vocals

Anne-Louise grew up in a home with music as the means to an everlasting happy background! She was introduced to music from the 60s first, The Beatles, the Kinks, Pink Floyd, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Sam Cook…and so on!

She was born in the early 80’s which was the greatest decade for dance music (in her opinion!). So many influential songs were produced and she was lucky enough to be at an age where she didn’t judge and just enjoyed the music she heard! Northerners took over as years went by and playlists were filled with Oasis, Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys, with a secret less cool passion for rappers, LL Cool J being at the top of the list! Music has always been part of her life…there’s nothing better than your favourite album playing whilst the rest of the world is silent! ‘Sometimes, music is he only medicine the heart and soul need’.

Kenneth Wood | Bass

An experienced musician, composing and playing indie and metal bands across the Midlands and North for over 30-years but most recently, enjoying playing classical guitar more than rock(|) Initial influences were jazz musicians and then followed the indie music scene starting in Leeds with The Wedding Present and Manchester in the late 1980’s. Most recent gig was The Vamps - a result of now having teenage kids…………

Paul Flynn | Drums

Paul has played in bands for almost 30 years and has the scars to show for it. Not only is Paul an excellent drummer he has an ear for arrangements and production and provides the much-needed glue that keeps bands together. Influences include house music, soul and hp hop and bands such as Doves, Stone Roses, and The Beatles.


Change Control to Major Tom




Raising Money For…..

Band History

Change Control to Major Tom have been in a heady whirlwind of euphoria following their triumphant success at their Construction Rocks debut in 2018. The world tour shortly followed beginning to over 1,000 people at an exclusive location in Central London. They hope to repeat the success again in 2019 with their difficult second album.

Band Members

Chris Moore | Guitar

Growing up on the mean streets of Surrey, Chris was brought up on a staple diet of Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore and The Eagles. Not one to have enough guitars, his collection has grown in to double figures. He can't play more than one at a time though, but is working on it. The Double-neck guitar beckons!

Tiffany Jones | Lead Vocals

Aside from making a mean breakfast, Tiffany awakens not only the hills, but the whole of Austria with the sound of her voice. It's said she began to sing long before she could talk, and as our resident musical theatre Beek, you'll be sure to find her hanging out with Mr Mistoffelees down at the Ozdust Ballroom. Following the success of last year, she hopes her smile and your fantasies play a duet that will make you think that life is a cabaret old chum!

Judy Ngan | Keyboard / Bass

Judy is undoubtedly the most qualified person in the band. Put anything in front of her and she will be able to play it, from rock to Baroque and everything in between. With a penchant for Coldplay she also likes to rock out to a bit of 'Summer of `69'!

Chris Shoubridge | Drums

Sitting at the back but very much the lead. The driving force behind our wall of sound. Keeping time and never being late the change to BST did not faze him. Metronomically accurate and with Swiss precision this man's 4/4 can floor you.


Hal and Dave play Musikalisches Wurfelspiel




Raising money for…..

Band History

Rock music players, androids and Dave, the AI, fight to roll the musical dice surrounded by immersive visuals and colourful lights

Band Members

On stage

Alex Bourganou | Costumes / Performer

Sotiria Lavase | Performer

Giulio Antonutto | Performer

Fernando Ruiz Barberan | Guitar

Songyang Zhou | Real-Time Design / Vocals

Luigi Parise | Cello

Maria-Lida Kounadi | Sound Supervision

Not On Stage

Kasia Kozlowska | Machine Learning

Melissa Mak | Costumes

Harry Bartley | Video Supervision

Jason Giddings | Sensors

Jason Brewer | Sensors


Panic! at the Disto




Raising Money For…..

Band History

‘Panic! At The Disto’ are a covers band hailing from the bosom of Malcolm Hollis. The band started when Lawrence challenged Barney to a guitar off. Not knowing that Barney could play the guitar he put a lot of money on it and lost. Failing that, he thought, let’s start a band. He knew a bassist, Alex, and so the band began a three piece. They managed the whole of one gig before realising they needed a drummer. Enter Mike. The band was formed and now they are entertaining audiences of up to 80 people. Panic! At the Disto are here!

Band Members

Lawrence Bonavia | Guitar/Vocals

I have been playing guitar in various bands from the age of 18. Influenced initially by bands such as Oasis and Blur, I have a love for all British guitar bands from the 60’s to present day from The Beatles, The Jam, The Stone Roses and Kasabian. Mostly playing lead guitar and vocals, my band The Beautiful Game released their debut album Line The Streets was released in 2017. In 2018, Panic! At The Disto were formed to play covers to the masses.

Alex Davies | Bass

Alex tried learning the guitar but, due to laziness, decided it was too hard so dropped two strings to remain with four. Now he plays the bass to a reasonable standard and only forgets a handful of notes each time. Taking his stage presence from a falling giraffe, Alex fills the stage with the deep notes and enjoys to throw in a dodgy vocal or two. He also thinks he is a rapper so watch out for that.

Mike Miller | Drums

I started playing music when I was 6 years old and not stopped since. Music to me is a universal language that everyone can understand and has influenced me to “attempt” to play as many instruments as possible. Recently, we had the opportunity to form a Malcolm Hollis band and although I was a little late to the party, it’s been a great success and something that I hope you will enjoy! P.s whoever produces the loudest scream when we have finished our set will receive five of the Queens finest pound coins, game on.

Barney Soanes-Cundle | Guitar/Vocals

Barney hails from the north west of England and takes his musical influence from local heroes and worldwide stars alike. His favourite artists include The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Band, and anything Northern Soul.






Raising Money For…..

Band History

The Propheads are a multi-award-winning rattlesnake powerhouse of a rock band. It’s all about rewriting musical history with these guys! The synergy between the melting crowd and the cutting stage antics will send anyone experiencing this gig into the purest entertainment nirvana! The set couldn’t last any longer than 20 minutes without blowing you back into your mother womb.


Led by our ‘guaranteed to blow your ears into outer space’ singer Kristopher ‘Diva wings’ Adelaide. The big blackhole beats smashing out from the back is non-other than Maximillian ‘hurricane limbs’ Fuller.  Kay ‘blistering bass fingers’ Hartmann, has been known to burn a hole through the neck of a bass guitar with his tasty licks! Nick ‘slicker than a Cadillac burnout’ Clark, splits parallel dimensions with more finesse than the Queen scratching her back. Chris ‘The Dyson sphere’ Thompson's fingers are as unpredictable as the British weather; the rumours say he once soloed his way out of a nuclear reactor under the gaze of a full moon.


Expect fireworks, false teeth throwing, crowd surfing, high fives and everything else in between the lines. Structural reinforcement to your skeleton is advised.


Disclaimer – super rockers by night – professionals by day

Band Members

Chris Thompson | Guitar

Some guy called Jim once said that Rock n Roll is the sound of angels telling the truth. Some other guy said Rock and Roll keeps you in a constant state of juvenile delinquency....im like, let's just smash up some guitars and make a hell of a noise, preferably after the show!

Nic Clark | Guitar

A Construction Rock veteran trying his luck with a new bunch of music hopefuls.

Kay Hartmann | Bass

Kay brings German precision to the art of bass. Expect a flea of style topless performance from the KLH technical director.

Kristofer Adelaide | Vocal

All I want to do is build! Was my first chart hit!

Max Fuller | Drums

Even though I'm a jazz-trained drummer, I cut my teeth playing rock'. Definitely not Jimmy Chamberlin.


The BG’s



Barr Gazetas

Raising Money For…..

Band History

Formed from the disbanded ruins of Canary Wolf and the BIM Zombies ready to do disco and planning to do their first cover version!

Band Members

Maurice Gobb | Vocals

Maurice requested that a Tragedy song be sung following the tragic death of Jose Antonio Reyes: Maurice only knows one - Canary Wolfs classic song against vehicular road deaths -so - Road Rage (something old).

Barry Gobb | Star Guitar

Barry came up with the riff for Funtime Frank — the BGs most recently written song inspired by a ductwork contractor, a scafolder, and London Town in the late '70s, no one knows what this song is about — but Barry does (something new).

Robin Gobb | Snake guitar

Robin has always been a big admirer of Nick Cave and so when asked should the band play 'How deep is your love' — replied with 'shut your gibb - if we have to do a paint by numbers song let's do Red Right Hand by NC' (something borrowed).

Gary Gobb | Percussion

Gary replied to an advert in the Evening Standard — 'The BGs require an artist to perform live at the Construction Rocks concert' — he is one of a recent gaggle of Vincent Van Gough forgers (painting by numbers no doubt) and so requested that the BGs cover the sad anthem penned by George Norway and the Jazz — Van Gough's Dream (something blue)


The G5




Raising Money For…..

Band History

The band members have performed for different Grosvenor events, but this particular group of people hasn’t performed together yet as one group – this will be our debut.

Band Members

Karen Patey | Vocal

After years of singing in school choruses, Karen’s first solo singing debut was in her Year 6 play where she played Anna in The King and I. A family friend then asked her to sing at her wedding and from then on Karen became the guest ‘wedding singer’ at numerous weddings (and funerals!). Today, Karen enjoys singing at various charity events and parties and still dreams about packing it all in and becoming a cabaret singer when she hits the lottery jackpot.

Dorrie O’Brien | Vocal

Dorrie has always had a love for music and singing, ever since a young age. Her journey really began when her parents heard her singing in her room, practicing for a performance during an Activity Week in the school summer holidays and surprised her with singing lessons. She was then in a band, gigging around her home town of Nottingham and in many school productions, so the love of music continued to grow. Dorrie joined Grosvenor almost 6 years ago and has been involved in quite a few events throughout her years, such as Summer In The Square and Christmas performances and this has really helped keep up her love of singing!

Tom Lewis | Guitar

Raised on a diet of Springsteen, Clapton, The Quo and Dire Straits, it was only a matter of time before Tom started playing the guitar. When he first heard Money for Nothing, he knew that was it - he retired the air guitar and for his 16th birthday received his first real guitar; a bright red Fender Stratocaster.

After a year of lessons, he formed a band with his brother and a few friends and hit the local circuit. He didn’t have quite the same success or longevity as the Rolling Stones, but his local club was Wembley Stadium and for a brief time they were self-proclaimed rock gods.

Coming down from the dizzy heights of fame and success in my teens, I now enjoy playing in my spare time and write the odd song whenever inspiration takes me.

Gary Dixon | Drums

Gary has played bass and drums in a few different bands since his 20s.  In his early 20s, he was in a band called Cooperbrown.  Although they remained unsigned, they used to play gigs at pubs and small venues in London and the Home Counties, and they recorded some EPs and albums which he is sure he has somewhere in his loft!

He also enjoys playing piano and is currently studying for his Grade 8 piano exam which he hopes to take next year.  With two small children, time to practice is somewhat hard to come by.

Alex Robinson | Bass


Zed hot chili peppers



Zaha Hadid Architects

Raising Money for….

Band History

The Zed Hot Chili Peppers formed in 2018 to represent Zaha Hadid Architects at Construction Rocks. Since then, they have developed their own identity and groove by playing a few venues around London, all the while enjoying the support of a loyal fan base.

Hailing from varied musical experiences and taste, the common connection lies in their love for rock and crossover. The inspiration and main artistic reference comes from – you guessed it - the Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose style also challenges rock music’s standard arrangements and original compositions.

Band Members

Drew Merkle | Singer

Drew is an American who hails from L.A. (Lower Alabama), AKA the Florida Panhandle. He has long had an affinity for good ole fashioned Rock’n’Roll. So, of course it makes sense, he jumped at the opportunity to rock out with the dudes, when fate presented itself, one evening during an offhand conversation in the office.

Filippo Innocenti | Guitar

Distracted for much of his life by minor commitments, such as being an architect… he gave music a second chance when he finally found the motivation to go back on those Hendrix’s riffs. Paternity forced him to experiment with new sunrise approaches to loud headphones practising. Keeping his balance between Angus and Jimi, any unexpected percussive combination resulting into a funky pattern will flip him inexorably into a nasty Nile Rodgers dummy.

Maurizio Meossi | Bass

Maurizio started playing bass in his late teens, but when the time to decide whether to become a musician or an architect, he chose the latter.

Probably the wisest decision of his whole life.

Time has passed and now he defines himself like a good red wine: improving with age.

Damiano Rizzini | Drums

Originally a longhaired, architectural student, Damiano began drumming in the Milanese Rock & Metal scene of the 90’s. To this day, Dave Grohl is still an inspiration and great influence.

More recently – and with shorter hair – Damiano has taken on the study of funk thru the grooves of Chad Smith and Clyde Stubblefield. When performing, if enough alcohol is served, he thinks he is John Bonham…