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Raising Money For…..

Band History

The mighty 1852 are back to Construction Rocks. This year we’re raising money for BOSP, a charity that supports families with members who have disabilities or life-limiting conditions.

Band Members

Enrique Soler | Lead Guitar

Enrique’s musical skills consist mainly of: dramatic face expressions during solos, fluency in David Lee Roth quotes, texts to bandmates suggesting what masks to wear on stage and using folded business cards as guitar picks.

He always plays all the notes in each song, and very often in the right order.

Richard Purcell | Rhythm Guitar

At 18 Richard left the shores of the UK to find fame in LA’s sunset strip.  Unfortunately fame didn’t come but he picked up a cool Les Paul!!

Patrice Sweeney | Vocals

Patrice is a seasoned day dreamer whose best singing performances have been while doing the dishes, walking to the supermarket or vacuuming. During this time, she has performed in all major global venues and sold out all of the tickets.

She’s both terrified and thrilled to participate in her third year of Construction Rocks and can’t believe she gets to participate in such an awesome initiative. During her free time she can be found making herself teas and coffees she’ll ultimately forget about, exercising and writing short stories that no one should ever read. She has sung recreationally throughout the years and is looking forward to performing with her exceptional band mates.

Duncan Booth | Bass

World’s Okayist Bass Player. Still practices from time to time in the hope of eventually getting it right.

Dan Vickers | Drums

Dan is really handy for group selfies because he has long arms. This has also been useful for drumming. He’s the only one in the band with a motorbike, which technically makes him more rock and roll than the rest.


Eco Rhythm Machine




Raising Money For…..

Band History

The nucleus of ERM's band first came together to play a one off gig at a company party over 10 years ago. Now, the band has reformed to take to the road again. Re-invigorated by the youthful enthusiasm of its new members, we have decided to take some time off from keeping construction sustainable, and to join in the fun at Construction Rocks. The band comprises an eclectic mix of styles and instruments including driving funk baselines, searing lead guitar and electric violin. The band has picked the finest environmental songs they could find for the big night.

Band Members

Jack Smith | Lead Vocals

After having a keen interest in singing, Jack first joined a band at university where he studies Audio Engineering. He got the opportunity to practise, record, mix and master his band's work. Having a passion for 90's rock music, he tries to emulate this stylistically and always enjoys a good challenge.

Laura Gatdula | Violin / Backing Vocals

Laura first picked up the violin aged 4 and was classically trained to Grade 8 by age 17. She quit orchestral concert halls for the pubs and clubs of London and Paris, hitting the stage in a range of rock, folk and country bands. Highlights have been sharing the bill with Hot Chip and the Levellers.

Andre Pires | Guitar

Grabbing the electric guitar when was around 9 years old and blowing up his parents' house months later with a huge Marshall guitar amplifier. Andre founded his passion putting a band together, recording albums and touring countries playing what the world needs (Old school Rock and Roll). He just has to find the closest Marshall amp.

Steve Purnell | Bass

Steve is a Transport Planner and bass player. His heroes are Jaco Pastorius and James Jamerson. If he could come close to either of those he'd be a happy man If there are more than 4 band members please provide their details in a separate word document.

Sarah Sanders Hewett | Backing Vocals

Sarah has been known to sing. Occasionally in tune. She models herself on Gunther from the movie "Sing".

Michael Tomiak | Drums

Michael has formal qualifications and the Piano and Percussion. The Guildhall School for Music, based up at the lovely Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, in Suffolk allowed him to learn the drums whilst viewing the activities on the River Stour. Probably the reason he continued with the lessons. Growing up in Suffolk, he became swept away by the fun, happy, energetic, and optimistic lifestyle that pop-punk music seemed to bring to the table. This lead to the creation of a band, an EP, and many shows based in Suffolk and the East Anglian Region. Michael developed a taste for more space-themed punk music with time, and he likes to be influenced by the great emptiness of space and the feelings that that great unknowing evokes. Therefore Michael sites the following bands as influencers that got him up and out and into music: Busted, Blink182, Lit, A, Angels and Airwaves, 30 Seconds to Mars.

Mike Fraser | Guitar

Mike has played guitar in various bands over the years, including a 15 piece soul band in Oxfordshire. He loves a good groove, and will be hoping to get your feet tapping. He might even try a bit of a solo.


Force Majeure



Mace | Stanhope | Elliott Wood

Raising Money For…..


Mace | Stanhope | Elliott Wood

Band History

A band that started off as The Macenaries in 2014, and has developed and blossomed over the years to become…….

Force Majeure

This “beautiful journey” has only been possible through the usual acrimonious spats, fallings out, moving to other companies, sackings, musical differences, clothing differences, age differences, disagreement on what differences actually exist, disagreement on the use of the words “beautiful journey”, and finally, occasional rehearsals.

The years have not only made the band stronger, but also older, greyer, and wrinklier…

……like all great rock bands should be.

Let’s Rock!

Band Members

Steve Bird | Vocals

Charismatic singer and front man. Known to occasionally keep his shirt on.

Alex Rothman | Lead Guitar

Known to occasionally stop soloing

Adrian Rogers | Rhythm Guitar

Known to (very) occasionally stop “noodling” during rehearsals.

Mick McKagan | Bass Guitar

Known for filling a regularly “vacant” slot in the band lineup.

Gary Taylor | Drums

Known for getting to sit down whilst the rest have to stand up.


Forge Lane



Wardell Armstrong LLP

Raising Money For…..

Band History

Coming soon…

Band Members

Keith Mitchell | Guitar

I am a Managing Director at Wardell Armstrong. I started playing guitar in my early teens and played in school concerts and in a variety of bands as a student in in my 20s. Since then I have kept my hand in and played the odd gig. This is the third time we have played Construction Rocks and it’s a great event and a credit to the organisers and participants.

Sue Roberts | Lead Singer

Having resigned from the band after Construction Rocks 2018, I was persuaded to re-join after 2 months of retirement. Looking forward to playing at the new venue at Stamford Bridge this year.

Adam Burnham | Guitar

Having been exposed to 70s rock giants such as Queen and Rainbow at an early age my musical path was cast in reinforced concrete as I bought my first guitar with the full intention of deafening my family. University taught me a lot due to playing in numerous bands in dodgy venues to nodding students of questionable lucidity. Since those early days little has changed, I still crank out the classics for kicks and annoy my neighbours in the process, my Marshall amp turned up to 11, obvs!

Bryn Griffiths | Drums

Always enjoyed the idea of drumming since I was a teenager, frequently annoying everyone by tapping drum beats on the nearest available surface.  I bought myself some electronic drums 2 years ago and have been “teaching” myself ever since (ie. playing along to my favourite songs on my iPod).  This will be my second live performance almost a year after making my debut at Construction Rocks 2018.

Glen Shah | Bass Guitar

I am an Associate Director at Wardell Armstrong in EIA Co-ordination and have been playing guitar on and off for the last thirty years. Whilst initially inspired by the big-haired shredders of the 1980s, I have (as the years go by) been increasingly influenced by the blues masters; past and present. These days, as my hair continues to disappear and my preference for Radio 4 increases, I spend my evenings playing along to the likes of Eric Clapton and John Mayer; occasionally reliving my youth with a blast along to Bon Jovi or Van Halen! My foray in playing the bass guitar is a relatively recent event, but is proving to be great fun and has definitely opened my eyes to the importance of this (unfairly) underrated instrument!


Not to scale




Raising Money For…..

Band History

Not to Scale formed in 2016 in the WSP Birmingham office, then we were four rusty musicians who wanted an opportunity to rock out! (Now we’re four slightly less rusty musicians with the opportunity to rock out). Inspired by the capitals penchant for both charity and live music we performed our first gig in May 2017, to raise money for the midlands based charity Network Four, providing services to vulnerable people in the local area. Since then, we have played a number of gigs around Birmingham as a four and five piece band and started writing our own material. Construction Rocks in London will be an amazing opportunity for us to perform at the event that inspired us all to get together in the first place, as well as to finally play our original “Highway Blues” for an audience that will appreciate the lyrics. For Construction Rocks this year, we are honoured to be joined by some talented musicians from other offices in WSP, who have represented WSP at Construction Rocks in previous years and will take our songs to a whole new level!

Band Members

Becca Fagan | Lead Singer

From a background that consists of musical theatre and singing to the radio, Becca has taken up the lead vocals for the band. Becca has a way of making cover songs her own and providing lyrical input to our original songs, often reminding other members of the band that she needs some space to breathe in those lyrics!

Elaine Roberts | Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Structural engineer by day, bassist by night, Elaine defies all the gender stereotypes!Elaine loves anything upbeat, especially funk, soul and gospel music, and is particularly excited about the addition of a brass section to the band for Construction Rocks.

Elaine started the band in 2016 as a new graduate, following a suggestion from her line manager-to-be (turned lead guitarist of Not to Scale!) in her interview.

Alex Hill | Drums

Alex likes to “rub a bit of funk on it” with a blend of enthusiasm and improvisation much like his engineering. A building Services Engineer by trade Alex has worked at WSP since 2005 starting as a graduate. His style is rock/pop with a blend of soul and funk rubbed in, but enjoyment of the music and connection to audience is always his first thoughts in grooving out the beats.

Alex Lee | Lead Guitar

After watching Michael J Fox rock out in Back to the Future, an impressionable young Alex decided the electric guitar was the instrument for him. After a while without a band, he jumped at the chance to be in Not To Scale. His band mates may have vetoed Chuck Berry but the influence is strongly felt in the first few bars of their song ‘Highway Blues’.

Tom Palfreyman | Synthesizer

Tom meddled with synth and bass guitar in a variety of Indie Pop style bands in the late 80s/early 90s enticingly named The Fractals, Ten Fingered Tom, Naked Apes and Disastermind, gigging original material around London & Cambridge. A railway electrical power engineer with WSP for 24 years, he was last seen strumming an electro-acoustic and singing his self-penned Billy Bragg inspired rant “Yesterday’s News” in conservative Surrey but will be dusting off his 90s synth for this performance.

Steve Denniss | Brass

Director for Digital Railways, Steve’s early music making was as principal solo cornet for the Romford Salvation Army band before he took over as Musical Director. He now mixes it up with Concert Bands across Kent, his own brass quintet, and featuring in the rock horn section. His hobbies include running and flying light aircraft.

Karina Swan | Sax / Vocals / Synth / Keys

Emeka Okorocha | Piano

Jonathan Essam | Trombone


Stairwidth to Heaven



Butler & Young

Raising Money For…..

Band History

Formed late in 2018 through a mutual appreciation of fine rock music, we want to show the world the edgier side of construction and in particular the building control world through killer beats, grooves and soaring vocals

Band Members

Mark Tambini | Guitars

Born with a guitar in hand, Tambers has rhythm and flair in abundance, earned through a dogged history of life on the road with bands such as: Snake, The Immigranti and JWR.

Graham King | Drums

Known as “The King” (or TK for short), Graham delivers thunderous beats with ferocious precision

Joshua Thomas | Vocals

A seasoned professional in the performing arts industry, JT is a crooner by nature with an enigmatic stage presence guaranteed to captivate any audience

Felicity Allerton | Bass

Fliss is the queen of groove, guiding the band with her pulsating bass licks


The elusive butterflies of rhythm




Raising Money For…..

Band History

The band comprises 3 Gleeds’ directors plus an ex-Gleeds, now client, semi-ringer ! Some might say the band are all long standing musicians with a depth of musical experience; some might say they’re a bunch of chancers and wannabie rock stars……..whatever you make of them, Gleeds intend to take this competition through the roof ! …..we will most certainly ROCK construction.

Band Members

Marc Chapman | Guitar / Vocals

3 solo original albums recorded to date, plays in a rock covers band and has been known to dabble with certain 80’s pop stars. Gleeds’ Building Surveying Director in his spare time.

Guy Bonser | Drums

The diva that is the industry’s finest, loudest and most in-demand tub thumping engine room, that occasionally does a little quantity surveying.

James Garner | Bass

Online session star and groove meister with London luminaries ‘Coverz Loverz’…..again, one that graces Gleeds with a little quantity surveying now & again.


Zero Charm




Raising Money For….

Band History

Formed in 2009 the band has gone through the usual rock band 'artistic differences' and emerged stronger than ever! ! Maintaining their usual diverse set lists, they'll play anything from Nina Simone to the Black Veil Brides! One thing is sure...these misfits are sure to take the music they cover to a very different dimension. Looking to secure their 4th win!

Band Members

Jerry Pett | Lead Guitar

Versatile accomplished guitar maestro, known as the 'sheep' for reasons best known to him. Sometimes worries he's not loud enough not realising the rest of the band have actually switched his amp off. Bless!

Gary Deacon | Vocals

With a massive voice and even bigger personality, Gary is ero Charm's new front man. Apparently the lure of a first stadium gig was simply too good an opportunity to turn down.... best not tell him it's not actually the main stadium just yet??

Dave Godden | Bass

Experienced all rounder (apparently), now prefers to focus on bass as only 4 strings so less chance of a duff note. Need to ensure he leaves the bar well before showtime!

Baz (Softly does it) Perrin | Drums & Percussion

Following the success of his previous band's Devon and Hell tour, Baz was the inspiration behind the formation of Zero Charm. Don't be fooled by the size of the drum kit - EVERY last piece is played using his trademark metronomic, hypnotic and rhythmic tone that is recognisable to those within earshot (about a square mile!) Such a brutal attack on the ear drums has rarely been accomplished with so much style and panache!


Zero Degrees



Meridian Home Start

Raising Money For…..

Band History

This is our third outing at Construction Rocks and we love taking part. We are mature musicians who play old fashioned Rock and Roll.

Band Members

Andy Norman | Guitar / Vocals

Andy is an old rocker.

Nick Goldreich | Guitar

Nick is an old rocker.

Terry Finn | Drums

Terry is another old rocker.

George Cronin | Bass

George is yet another old rocker.